Spring Clean Up for Curb Appeal

With nearly a week before spring officially arrives, it is important to remember the effect curb appeal has on a buyer.  Afterall, it is their first impression of your house before they have even stepped through your front door.  So it is time to do some spring maintenance and clean up before you list your house.

As a professional, here is my top 10 list of important areas to address:

1. Flower Beds- rake out winter’s debris of dead leaves and cut off any dead plantings from fall. Now is the time to trim rose bushes down and ornamental grasses too. If you have mulch, add some fresh mulch.

2. Shutters and Trim- I always notice when the shutters are in need of a fresh paint job.  It makes a huge impact on the facade to have the sun faded shutters painted. And check the trim around the windows, doors and garage door for any rotting wood that needs replacing and painting.

3. The Shady Side- Do you have an area that needs power washing to get rid of the mold and mildew on your siding? While you have the power washer out, check the deck, patio, basement walk-out area? Patio furniture?

4.Roof Shingles- After all the winter storms, do any roof shingles need replacing?

5.Lawn- Is your lawn in need of edging to give it a manicured look along the driveway, sidewalk and front path? Does it need a trim?

6.House Numbers- Is your address clearly visible for buyers to see so they can find your house. Yes, there will be a “for sale” sign but there are times when more than one house on the block is for sale. Make sure your house numbers are obvious and can be seen.

7.Front Door- Your front door is important as it is the threshhold into your house. Does the door have a fresh coat of paint and is it a welcoming pop of color? Your front door should coordinate with the color of the shutters, and that doesn’t mean they have to match. Black shutters and a red door are classic and timeless.

If you have a storm door, make sure it is clean and in good shape as well.

8.Door Bell- Seems obvious but make sure your doorbell works and is attractive. We often forget these little things and they can look pretty worn after many years.

9.Outdoor Lighting- There is nothing worse than dated, undersized, tarnished outdoor lighting. If you still have the original brass fixtures from 15 years ago, it is time to change the outdoor light fixtures.

Make sure you get the proper scale for your entry. Rule of thumb is when hanging    1 lantern- it should measure about 1/3 the height of your door. When hanging           2 lanterns- they should measure about 1/4 the height of the door.

10. Last but not least- Get a new “Welcome” mat. It is a subliminal message to your buyers and will freshen up the entrance.



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