Snow White

Here it is in the thick of winter. Cold temperatures and snow like we haven’t had in years! I do like a good snowfall but it doesn’t make it easy for getting your house ready for the market!  Remember to keep your front path shoveled and ice free for potential buyers to navigate. Parking needs to be easy as well. If you have a driveway, keep it open for buyers to park in to reach your front door easily. Off street parking is another story if you  are dealing with roads that have mounds of snow from shoveling and the snow plow. You need to have some sort of plan for where a buyer can park to see your property.

And speaking of snow, remember to have a mat in your entry so the wet mess from shoes isn’t tracked through your home.

Vacant property? Keep the heat at a reasonable temperature in these frigid days. Nothing is less welcoming than a cold empty house. And why is it empty? It should be staged. Everyone knows staging a vacant property shows the potential each space offers and gives a more inviting atmosphere for buyers.  People generally don’t have the ability to visualize how a space can look or if their furniture will fit. Instead they see what’s in front of them, a cold stark house, not a warm inviting home.

And the photos for marketing look 10 times better when it’s staged instead of empty and will drive traffic to the property.

So as we patiently wait for the first signs of spring, let’s do what we have to during these winter days to make it more pleasant for buyers to house shop!

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